Lymphoedema is a condition that occurs due to a damaged or poorly functioning lymphatic system.  Most commonly it occurs following the removal or biopsy of lymph nodes and radiation therapy.

However, you can also be born with conditions which lead to lymphoedema or have similar symptoms with conditions such as lipodema.  Symptoms to look out for include:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • sensation of heat in the limb or breast
  • pitting of the skin when pressed with the thumb


Treatment for lymphoedema is not painful.  It usually involves education, baseline measurements of the affected limb/limbs, teaching basic self massage and the physio performing “manual lymphatic drainage”.  In certain circumstances bandaging may be required or you may be measured for a compression garment.

Lymphoedema does not always occur immediately post surgery, it can occur many years later.  If you feel you are displaying any of the above mentioned symptoms please call our friendly staff to book a lymphoedema appointment with our accredited therapist.