Post Operative Orthopaedic Classes

If you have recently had a total hip or total knee replacement and are still experiencing pain and discomfort following your surgery, physiotherapy can assist you in returning to full pain-free function.

Performance Physio Group offers Post Operative Orthopaedic Classes where a personalised exercise regime is tailored to help you return to your full potential as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any of the following, physiotherapy and/or the classes may be able to assist in improving your function:
•    Having difficulty preparing meals and completing daily chores
•    Feeling unsteady and unbalanced on your feet
•    Having difficulty walking without the use of an aid
•    Feeling stiff or weak in the hip or knee
•    Loss of endurance or strength
•    Difficulty standing or walking for extended periods of time
•    Having difficulty getting up from a low chair or toilet
•    Experiencing night pain and difficulty sleeping
•    Having difficulty participating in community activities
•    Unable to continue hobbies or interests due to disability

It is common following orthopaedic surgery to experience one or many of the above. The Post Operative Orthopaedic Classes  provide a relaxed and social environment to exercise with other people with similar conditions, and will help achieve a fast and full recovery.

Please contact Performance Physio Group at North Ward or Ayr for an appointment or to discuss Post Operative Orthopaedic Classes  in more detail.

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