Women’s Health

If you are or have experienced any of the following, physiotherapy may be able to assist in relieving or reducing your symptoms or prevent worsening of your condition…

•    Needing to rush to the toilet with little or no warning
•    Leaking urine when coughing, laughing or exercising
•    Unable to control the urge to pass urine due to triggers such as running water or approaching home
•    Having to use your hand to pass a bowel motion
•    Inability to determine whether its wind or a motion in your bowel
•    Repeated urinary tract infections
•    Bed wetting
•    Pain with intercourse
•    Dragging or a bulging feeling vaginally
•    Vaginal dryness, especially post menopause
•    Trauma during childbirth (regardless of how long ago)

Listed are some symptoms which can be related to a variety of conditions. These may include stress incontinence, urgency, overactive bladder, bladder dysfunction, urinary retention, bowel dysfunction, constipation or organ prolapse (dropping of the bladder, uterus, bowel or small intestine).

It is never too early or too late to seek advice or treatment!

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