Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Performance Physio Group offers Occupational Health Physiotherapy services to the North Queensland region.

These services include:
•    Onsite Physiotherapy
•    Office or Industrial Ergonomics
•    Manual Handling Training
•    Workplace Assessments
•    Suitable Duties and Return-to-Work Programs
•    Pre-employment Screenings and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s)

Onsite Physiotherapy

Occupational Health Physiotherapy can aid your company in injury prevention and management, working with you towards a reduction in worker’s compensation claim numbers and costs. Occupational Health and Safety related insurance premiums can also be minimised through staff training programs and specialised physiotherapy treatment onsite.


Improving the ergonomics of your worksite can decrease injury rates and time lost through injury, whilst boosting employee morale. Commonly, improving the set up of a work site or computer work station will decrease the risk of staff injury and improve productivity.

Manual Handling Training

Workplace health and safety service delivery from Performance Physio Group will ensure the ongoing health and wellbeing of the employees at your worksite. This will result in an increased safety awareness of your workforce.

We will work with you towards guaranteeing your company complies with relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation for your workplace. Manual handling training programs provided by Performance Physio Group are created on a case by case basis and tailored to your company’s specific training needs.

Workplace Assessments

A workplace assessment is conducted on site to analyse the occupation with regards to relevant environmental, biomechanical and ergonomic factors. The assessment is often utilised in a return to work setting to ensure the injured worker returns to suitable duties and is not at risk of further injury.

Suitable Duties Plans

A suitable duties plan is put in place when an injured worker is returning to work with restricted duties.

Statistics have demonstrated that reducing time lost through injury is beneficial for injured workers as it promotes a feeling of worth and facilitates the safest possible return to full duties. The suitable duties plan is monitored by a physiotherapist and duties are increased as the worker makes notable gains through their rehabilitation.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Pre-employment screenings, or functional capacity evaluations, are a full functional assessment of an employee prior to, or once they have started, employment. This screening is an extremely effective tool which is utilised by employers to ensure employees have no physical barriers which are going to hinder their performance in their occupation.

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