During pregnancy hormones can make ligaments soft in preparation for birth and abdominal muscles become stretched.

After childbirth (vaginal or caesarian section) it is important that the muscles supporting your pelvic floor, back and abdomen start to work again as quickly as possible.

Physiotherapy can help advise you about:
•    Methods to reduce pain and swelling post delivery
•    Pelvic floor exercises
•    Posture and back care
•    Toileting advice
•    Getting into and out of bed easier
•    Rehabilitation following peroneal (vaginal) tears
•    Gentle return to exercise

Ante & Post Natal Workshops and Classes are now being run at North Ward by our Women’s Health Physiotherapists.  Our Mum’s and Bub’s  (Postnatal) and Antenatal exercise classes are run weekly at our North Ward Clinic.  Ante & Post Natal Clinical Pilates classes are run by Melissa in our Ayr clinic every Thursday morning and evening.

Please contact Performance Physio Group at North Ward or Ayr for an appointment or to discuss pregnancy and childbirth in more detail.

Call now on 4722 3888 or 4783 7757